19 May 2022

Bel Ombre is reinventing itself as a territorial brand: Lamer. Later. Lavi.


To make Bel Ombre a territory where people and nature thrive; a resilient region that includes and values its community, but also a mecca for ecotourism, highlighting local know-how and protecting its ecosystem. This is the goal of Rogers Group in launching the Bel Ombre Territorial Brand, a brand with the manifesto: “Lamer. Later. Lavi”.


With the promise of a “Sustainable Tropical Art de Vivre”, Rogers displays its ambition to place the Bel Ombre region at the heart of its action in the fight against climate change, and shares its commitment to integrating green practices as a driver of its operations in the southwest region of the island.


With the territorial brand “Bel Ombre. Lamer. Later. Lavi.”, the Rogers Group unveils a new chapter in the history of Bel Ombre; a destiny that is born of the vision, determination and passion of its entities operating in this region. For several years now, the Rogers Group has been carrying out this project; that of making the Territory of Bel Ombre, an inclusive model where man and nature thrive.


More than the launch of a territorial brand, this is a commitment that reflects our ambition to make Bel Ombre the sustainable destination of reference in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean. Our ambition is immense, and so is our conviction that there will be no tomorrow if we do not change our paradigms today,” Philippe Espitalier-Noël, CEO of Rogers Group.


Through planned and harmonious development, Rogers and its partners have developed the area with the same passion and commitment to preserving and enhancing the beauty of this unique region. Hotels, restaurants, golf courses and villas have since been carefully integrated into the landscape, coexisting with the omnipresent nature and sublimating the heritage of the former sugar estate.


A witness to the centuries that preceded us, Bel Ombre is a unique place steeped in history and culture that brings an extra dose of “extraordinary” to those who live and work there, as well as to visitors passing through. The Bel Ombre territory is based on an inclusive model that aims to pave the way for a circular economy, empowering the local community, creating jobs and building resilience. A community united to seize the opportunities of this reinventing world.


Learn more about “Bel Ombre. Lamer. Later. Lavi” here.