18 Apr 2022

Book launch: « Disruptor, 9 abilities of Agile leaders »


For leaders and companies alike, thriving in a context of exponential change requires a number of adjustments.


The notion of Agile leader and of Disruptor is not something new at Rogers. This behaviour has been nurtured across the organisation these past years, impacting the way the Group does business.


Drawing from the expertise he has honed during his 16 years spent in the Rogers Group, and from international research led on business management, Manish Bundhun, Chief People Executive at Rogers Group, recently launched a compelling and timely book called «Disruptor, 9 abilities of Agile leaders». The nine chapters of this second book published by Manish explore nine personal development paths for leaders who draw their agility from a disruptive mode of operation.


In this insightful book, written in collaboration with Rogers Group, Manish shares the key abilities to aim for through powerful real-life examples of agile leaders, and a ‘Disruptor’s Toolkit’ to guide decisions and actions in business and life.


‘We prefer the term 'disruption' to 'rupture'. Both words have the same root, but the former implies a fracture, a point of no return, whereas 'disruption' implies an intentional change that brings about positive transformation. In the words of the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, quoted in the book, the only constant in life is change. With Covid-19, coupled with global warming and the war in Ukraine, our reality is changing at a faster rate than our ability to adapt,’ says Manish Bundhun.


Moreover, Philippe Espitalier-Noël, CEO of Rogers Group, points out in the preface that: ‘As we live in increasingly disruptive times, marked by climate change, digital transformation and now global pandemics, we have a conscious choice to make: either choose the path of least resistance, remaining in the status quo and being pushed around by others and the forces of change; or choose a more challenging journey, out of our comfort zone, seeking to learn, grow and thrive as an Agile Disruptor.’


Written as a tool for Rogers’ teams to further develop their abilities to be agile leaders, "Disruptor" is also available on Amazon, as it is relevant to any professional seeking to sharpen the relevance of his/her decision making in a world of constant "disruption".


Get access to « Disruptor, 9 abilities of Agile leaders » available on Amazon here.