Compagnie Sucrière de Bel Ombre and Case Noyale

CSBO is the promoter behind the high-end Villas Valriche Integrated Resort Scheme, the Heritage Golf Club and the Federica Nature Reserve and Lodge, all of which are situated on the gorgeous 2,258-ha parcel of land in Bel Ombre, a part of the island that has kept its savage beauty all while developing drastically.


As a matter of fact, CSBO has greatly contributed to the development of this part of the island through luxury hotels, and leisure activities, which in turn provides employment to thousands. 


Case Noyale Ltd’s 1,137-ha property includes some agricultural activity - Café Chamarel, one of the rare 100 % locally made brands of coffee. The property is home to two major tourist attractions: Seven Coloured Earth and Le Chamarel Restaurant. Case Noyale and Chamarel remain intact and offer huge potential for development in coming years.



Domaine de Bel Ombre

61002, Bel Ombre 


Tel: (+230) 266 9777