23 Mar 2020

COVID-19: Rogers subsidiaries organise solidarity initiatives

The war on COVID-19 all over the world and in Mauritius is a multipronged one. Everyone, indeed, knew that the Coronavirus would pose an array of health threats, but all rapidly realised that that this invisible enemy was also wreaking havoc on the economy, and further widening the wealth gap in specific regions. As the pandemic spread, Rogers subsidiaries across the four served markets – Hospitality, Logistics, Property and Fintech – were all quick to respond and go into combat mode amidst national mobilisation, in order to bring immediate assistance to those in need.


For instance, Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel and Veranda Grand Baie Hotel were made available to the Ministry of Health and Wellness for quarantine purposes by. Healthcare personnel have been on site since Friday 20 March 2020.


The last few days have seen civil society and staff members from different Rogers companies joining forces to provide basic medical & protective equipment and food to our most fragile communities as the latter expressed growing concerns about the lack of the most basic necessities. Significant financial donations are regularly made to an experienced non-profit organisation, in order to support the most vulnerable communities. Veranda Resorts and Heritage Resorts have distributed almost 1 ton of non-perishable food stocks to a hundred families living in Solitude, Tamarin and Bel Ombre areas. Heritage Villas Valriche has launched a fund-raising campaign amongst their villa owners. Similarly, Rogers’ associate, Bioculture, is making a donation.


For their part, Island Living, Velogic, Rogers Aviation and the Rogers Head Office have distributed gloves, masks and sanitisers to workers operating in essential services, such as the Moka Police Force and medical staff at Dr A.G. Jeetoo Hospital. 


In these times of confinement, logistics is also a key sector in ensuring the resilience of the supply chain. Velogic Leadership team, with the personal involvement of its Chief Executive Officer Vishal Nunkoo at Business Mauritius level, is contributing to help overcome the cross-border logistics challenges at national level. They are also building numerous solutions for the distribution of essential goods, including foodstuffs, pharmaceutical products, coal, petroleum, in Mauritius and Rodrigues. A special team is also supporting the country in coordinating the order of critical supplies by airfreight.


In the aviation sector, BlueSky agents have been moving heaven and earth with the help of different airlines to repatriate returning residents and tourists. PATS has been mobilised with customs department to move critical merchandise quickly, including the Jack Ma Foundation donation to the Ministry of Health.


Mautourco, also a Rogers Group associate, has also played a critical role in moving clients from one hotel to another, enabling the release of hotels for quarantine purposes, and has helped in the national mobilisation to distribute foodstuff to the most vulnerable communities


Vivacis creates a “solidarity fund”

Through the Vivacis initiative, the Rogers Executive Team and the Senior Management of the Group will also be contributing to the fund by donating, on a voluntary basis, a percentage of their salary for an initial period of three months. The fund, which will be managed by the Rogers Foundation, will be used to alleviate the sufferings of the most exposed people of our island.

The usual NGO channels will be used to ensure that the actions are effective, and through peer-to-peer network, specific cases of distress in Rogers’ own pool of employees will be identified and relief will be provided to these families.