26 Mar 2020

Fighting COVID-19: A mini website with regular updates for Rogers employees

Information and awareness raising are essential in the fight against COVID-19. Since the Coronavirus first made its way into the lives of Mauritians, the Rogers group has been actively addressing the situation and providing its employees with the necessary tools and resources to help them deal with these unprecedented circumstances in a serene way. A mini website was created on with these objectives in mind.


The decision to design this mini website was made following the implementation of a resilience programme at Rogers Group level. This programme, named Vivacis, was set up to handle the COVID-19 situation and lay the foundations for business recovery at a later stage. The name “Vivacis” comes from the Latin term “vivax” the genitive form of which, “vivacis”, means “perennial, long-lived or very lively”. In botany, the term refers to a perennial plant or one whose flowers last for a very long time. The group’s overall sustainability thus underpins the reflection at Vivacis level.


One of the advantages of the mini website is that it gathers all essential information on a single interface. In addition to the traditional communication channels, namely mass mailing (through the Rogers News) and MyRogers mobile app, the page is intended to be the reference point for all of our employees.


“We’ve identified three communication channels in order to be able to reach our 5,000+ employees in Mauritius and abroad. These include mass mailing via Rogers News to disseminate important communiqués, the mini website that we consider as a contact point and finally, the MyRogers app that should, in the near future, allow us to communicate with our employees, namely to get feedback on how they are coping with the situation,” says Belinda Vacher, Rogers Group’s Chief Projects and Sustainability Executive.


The mini website gathers a number of resources created for employees, including news releases and the Vivacis Protocol, which details preventive measures and proposed actions against COVID-19. In addition, the page offers various resources on the Coronavirus itself and on the different means to protect oneself and one’s family.


It provides advice on habits to adopt on a daily basis, practical tips to maintain physical fitness, manage stress, and above all, to work remotely while making optimal use of the appropriate digital tools. Useful links, including access to the World Health Organization website, are also available.


“We are facing a situation that we have never experienced before, let alone imagined. This requires us to be flexible and to put into practice our Agility, which is one of our core values as a group,” says Manish Bundhun, Rogers Group’s Chief Human Resources Executive. Together, we can overcome these challenges by exploring new ways of living and working.”


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