In recent years, Mauritius has risen as a world class investment hub of Africa, Asia and Europe. Versed in the latest technological trends in business and finance, Rogers offers a wide range of FinTech products and services, enabling clients worldwide to rethink their core business models and embrace digital innovations.  


Rogers & Co. Ltd has a significant 28.8 % equity stake in Swan General Ltd, a market leader in General and Life insurance, and contributed a 20 % direct participation in Swan Financial Solutions Ltd, a fund management and brokerage subsidiary of Swan General Ltd.


Rogers, a pioneer in the FinTech sector in Mauritius, recently rebranded all its Financial Technology and Corporate operations as Rogers Capital, positioning itself as a provider of integrated services, but also drawing attention to the global trend of technology shaping the financial landscape.


Sector Performance

  • 609 Revenue (Rs m)

  • 158 PAT (Rs m)

Revenue by company

  • Global Business - Rs 253 m - 41.5%

  • Rogers Asset Management - Rs 11 m - 1.8%

  • Rogers Capital - Rs 2 m - 0.4%

  • EIS - Rs 343 m - 56.3%


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12 Oct 2017Rogers Capital rachète Globefin Management Services LtdFintech

Et de quatre pour Rogers Capital Corporate Services.

30 Aug 2017Opération nettoyage pour des employés de Rogers Capital Fintech

Ils n’ont pas hésité à se retrousser les manches et à s’attaquer aux détritus qui s’accumulaient au jardin des Salines et aux alentours.

28 Jul 2017Rogers Capital commente le Budget 2017-2018 sur ION NewsFintech
Rogers Capital a souhaité participer davantage au débat budgétaire cette année.
15 Feb 2017Evolution of the structure of Rogers Capital Fintech

Following the successful launch of our Fintech Sector and further to the interim structure of Rogers Capital, we are pleased to inform you of a natural evolution in the structure effective as from 1st February 2017.


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