In recent years, Mauritius has risen as a world class investment hub of Africa, Asia and Europe. Versed in the latest technological trends in business and finance, Rogers offers a wide range of FinTech products and services, enabling clients worldwide to rethink their core business models and embrace digital innovations.  


Rogers & Co. Ltd has a significant 28.8 % equity stake in Swan General Ltd, a market leader in General and Life insurance, and contributed a 20 % direct participation in Swan Financial Solutions Ltd, a fund management and brokerage subsidiary of Swan General Ltd.


Rogers, a pioneer in the FinTech sector in Mauritius, recently rebranded all its Financial Technology and Corporate operations as Rogers Capital, positioning itself as a provider of integrated services, but also drawing attention to the global trend of technology shaping the financial landscape.


Sector Performance

  • 956 Revenue (Rs m)

  • 107 PAT (Rs m)

Revenue by company

  • Rogers Capital Corporate Services 47%

  • Rogers Capital Technology Services 37%

  • Rogers Capital Financial Services 16%


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18 Dec 2020Rogers Capital numérise le crédit grâce à l’application « noula » FinTech

Rogers Capital, la filiale FinTech de Rogers, franchit une nouvelle étape dans la numérisation du crédit à la consommation avec sa nouvelle application mobile, noula.

07 May 2018Rogers Capital conclut un partenariat stratégique avec BlockCerts InternationalFinTech

La Blockchain, plus que jamais, intéresse Rogers Capital, qui a récemment signé un partenariat stratégique avec BlockCerts International.

30 Apr 2018Rogers Capital : le Chinese Desk fait sa promotion à ShanghaiFinTech

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12 Oct 2017Rogers Capital rachète Globefin Management Services LtdFinTech

Et de quatre pour Rogers Capital Corporate Services.


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