Rogers at a Glance

Uniting Energy

We are a listed international services and investment company, with expertise in four served markets, namely FinTech, Hospitality, Logistics and Property.

At the heart of everything we do, are our core values of …

  • AgilityOur ability to anticipate changes, adapt and improve.

  • LeadershipOur audacity and engagement to co-create sustainable success.

  • Excellence Our commitment to deliver the quality we promise, on time.

The numbers that define us...
  • 4,967 Employees
  • 110+ Workplaces
  • 9,169 Revenue (Rs m)

Corporate Profile

Since its establishment in 1899, Rogers has been an innovative contributor to the economic development of Mauritius.

The core purpose of Rogers is:

Regional Force

We continue to expand by serving clients on an international level and ensuring that the expected benchmarks are delivered. We also continuously seek opportunities to further develop our services in our four served markets.