Internal Audit

The Risk and Audit team is made up of dynamic professionals who are affiliated to organisations such as ACA, ACCA, IIA and CPFA. The team is led by the Head of Internal Audit and Risk Management.

The internal audit team

Internal Control

Internal control and risk management are the backbone of good corporate governance. In line with the Mauritian Code of Corporate Governance, Rogers has set up a Risk Management and Audit Committee in 2002. Its main objectives are to ensure the existence and efficiency of a system of internal control which reflects the size of the Group as well as its diversity. The Group’s risk management systems aim at managing the risk of failure in the pursuit of business objectives rather than eliminating that risk.

At Rogers, risk management is embedded in our day- to-day activities and plays a fundamental role in how we work across the Group. Our risk management framework is a key component of our business model and is designed primarily to protect our shareholders, people, assets, reputation and clients’ interests.


In order to ensure that our risk management framework meets our business needs, the Board, together with Management ensures that our approach to risk management remains proactive, methodical and integrated. Our risk management process aims at identifying new and emerging risks at an early stage.


Major risks faced by the Group, together with the identified mitigating measures are regularly assessed to ensure that the Group’s risk profile is as expected.

  • Monitors the operations of the risk mangement, internal control procedures and processes

  • Reports on findings

  • Reports to RMAC and the sectional board on a quarterly basis

  • Makes recommendations to Management on specific concerns raised

Internal Audit

The internal audit function is carried out by the Risk & Audit Department, an independent in-house business unit operating within a framework aligned with the various policies in existence within the Group. Our internal audit plan is prepared using a risk-based approach. All the elements in our risk landscape are taken into account while preparing the audit plan including changes in risk profiles and emergence of new risks.

The main objective of the Risk & Audit Department is to provide independent and objective assurance as to the effectiveness of the risk management approach and of internal controls within the Group. Amidst these broad objectives, the department also aims at providing Management with reliable information, facilitate interactions with them and provide advice with a view to maintain a balance between risks and controls throughout the Group. The adequacy and relevance of internal controls is supported by the Rogers Guidelines & Policies Manual (RGPM).

  • Cost effectivness
  • Service culture
  • Technology
  • Stakeholder management
  • Talent model
  • Risk focus
  • Quality & Innovation
  • Business Alignment