Island Living

Connecting Experiences


Island Living is the leisure cluster of Rogers Hospitality, which manages Lifestyle Brands in the following sectors: Midscale Accommodation, Quick Service Restaurants, Destination Restaurants, Meetings & Events and Land Adventures. It manages these Signature Brands with ‘One Vision, One Voice’ to offer compelling guest experiences as well as superior value. Employees within Island Living Brands are encouraged to live and embody their Brands and their Brands’ values.

The Brand experience delivery has the following strategic priorities:


Strength in Collaboration

  • To offer clarity of purpose & intent, ensuring goal alignment within each Brand
  • To align strategies, resources & goals towards a unified vision within the cluster


Reinforce each operating Brands’ DNA

  • To deliver iconic Brand promises
  • To ensure that each Brand manages their customers as an asset


Develop the Experience

  • To continually advance our Island Destination offering
  • To prioritise investment to increase customer value & deliver 'valued' experiences


Quality, Service & Innovation Focus

  • To drive operations & customer experience by what customers value most
  • To nurture innovation within the cluster and each Brand
  • To excel at staff engagement within the cluster and each Brand


Marketing Portfolio

  • To increase customer demand & expenditure through focused Marketing (with key attention on digital marketing)
  • To ensure an aligned marketing approach to source markets of each Brand


Nature & Culture with Sustainable Success

  • To ensure Brand progress with understanding & balance
  • To develop opportunities & experiences from our island’s culinary, cultural, sports heritage
  • as well as our island’s natural sea, beach and land assets


Island Living Ltd

Rue Bréard, Bagatelle,

Moka, Mauritius, 

Tel: (+230) 460 8950



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