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We make Rogers a great place to work. 

We face our fair share of challenges that make us grow, we celebrate our successes and we are rewarded for them – all in a modern and pleasant working environment.

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Join our team

Senior Fund Accountant


closing date: 15 Jun 2022
Fund Associate

closing date: 15 Jun 2022
  • Mylene Chung Compliance Secretary

    "I have been working at Rogers for nearly 30 years. I can firmly say that it has shaped me professionally and personally. I have seen the evolution of the group which has grown stronger. The relationship with co-workers not only creates a good work atmosphere but has also helped me boost my self-confidence.”

  • Swarna Corporate Manager - Financial Compliance

    "Completing more than a decade at the group head office has allowed me to grow personally and professionally. I am very pleased to be part of such a supportive and hardworking team. Also, I'm grateful to have found my path with Rogers, and I look forward to many more years of learning and growing."

  • Vidushi Internal Auditor

    “Rogers is a continuous learning experience. Throughout my 5 years at Rogers, I enhanced my professional skills through regular coaching and assignments, including overseas jobs. The inter-team relations among the young professionals of the Risk & Audit team, motivate us to accomplish things to the best we can.”

  • Martine Tseung Manager – Human Capital Systems

    "At the heart of my work experience at Rogers lies our three guiding values – Excellence, Leadership, Agility. From my interactions with colleagues across various functions to the work that we do in Human Resources, each experience has helped me to learn and shape what it means to see Excellence, Leadership and Agility in practice. "

  • Christine Communication Officer

    "I am truly grateful to be able to collaborate with people who are passionate about their jobs and who, by their very minset, are real “brand advocates”. Working with Rogers has proved to be an invaluable learning experience that is fuelled each day by new challenges and opportunities for growth and self-improvement. "

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