15 Apr 2022

Rogers Business Leaders United Around the C&C Programme


On Monday 11th of April 2022, Rogers held the “C&C” event, a full-day workshop reuniting 170 business leaders of Rogers Group’s four served markets.


Standing for “Challenging Status Quo and Collaborating Forward”, the C&C is a performance enhancement program launched back in July 2021, during the Group’s CAP23 Strategic Plan elaboration.


The C&C programme focuses on performance improvement, greater accountability, and stronger management practices through the guidance and follow-up of these 170 business drivers who have been entrusted with the assets, resources, and brands of Rogers.


As a result of innovative ways of doing business since the launch of the C&C programme, the Group’s performance has considerably improved, as shown in the six-month results released in early April.


This session - the first in-person internal workshop since 2020 – was the occasion for Rogers’ Business leaders to do a waypoint on the Group’s growth strategy, keep united for collective success and move towards achieving CAP2023 objectives and beyond.