At Rogers, we go beyond simply offering financial support to social or environmental causes; in collaboration with various external institutions, we constantly engage in projects that aim at educating citizens on the measures to take to reduce their environmental footprint (e.g. Bis La Mer). 


Sustainability is at the heart of all our business strategies: to implement them, we take into consideration the following four aspects: 

  • Economic Prosperity

    • Financial sustainability through the appropriate practices

  • Governance

    • How we manage and integrate sustainability in our business practices 

  • Social

    • The positive impact we have on the communities we operate in and how we support them

  • Environment

    • Our footprint on the ecology and endeavors to protect the environment

The four pillars of sustainable development that we use are found in the international model of good governance and in that of SEMSI - the Stock Exchange of Mauritius'Sustainability Index, a national performance evaluation of the sustainable development of listed Mauritian companies.

In 2015, Rogers partcipated in the first SEMSI reporting as show in the two tables of indicators below ; we were among the first companies to be accreditated with the SEMSI label.

Environmental Indicators

based on SEM Sustainable Index (in %)

Social Indicators

based on SEM Sustainable Index (in %)