14 Jul 2021

Sustainability Stories #3

Shaping a financially literate generation


Youth unemployment in Mauritius stands at an alarming rate of 23.5% as of 2019 (World Bank, 2019). Yet, talents do exist within the country’s most physically active population, and one of the focuses of quality education – i.e. United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 – is to shift towards helping young people upscale their skills to achieve workplace readiness. Mentorship and coaching are part of the solution and, for the past four years, Rogers Capital has played an active role through the Junior Achievement Mascareignes (JAM) Program.


JAM is a branch of Junior Achievement Worldwide, one of the largest global organizations focused on the economic empowerment of youth. The program is dedicated to educating Mauritian youth on financial and economic literacy; innovation and entrepreneurship; workforce readiness and soft skills which are much needed for the 21st Century work environment. This also contributes to address the mismatch between the demand and supply of skills amongst young workers and the lack of experience and training for high skilled jobs.


Every year, JAM organises The Company Program, one of their Learn by Doing Programs. The Company program has been running for the past eight years and is the flagship initiative of JAM for youngsters aged 15 to 19. Throughout the eleven week-long programme, young participants are challenged, through a hands-on experience, with the art of competition; entrepreneurial acumen; public speaking; product marketing and sales amongst others. 


Rogers Capital has been a firm sponsor of JAM for the past four years through active mentorship and coaching of participants on financial literacy and the art of competing. Urmila Toofany, a Client Relationship Officer at Rogers Capital, is one such “mentor”. She describes her role as a Communications Coach for the young participants as “fulfilling to coach the participants on public speaking and presentation skills to boost their confidence”.


Additionally, the company is engaged in funding activities and programs aimed at the quality education of our youth. Rogers Capital’s active involvement in the JAM programme is evidence of the value that is placed on shaping the future of the youth and the country at large.