28 Jul 2021

Sustainability Stories #5


Picture this: Bel Ombre, one of the most preserved regions of Mauritius, home to a diverse array of fauna and flora, both on land and at sea... At Heritage Resorts, we have pledged to protect and preserve this rich biodiversity, and this has been recognized by the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme. All development projects implemented in the Bel Ombre region place environmental factors at the forefront, to avoid disturbing the natural set-up.


For instance, La Reserve, the new golf club in Bel Ombre, is being constructed in accordance with GEO Golf Certification criteria. Artificial wave breakers have also been installed to prevent coastal erosion and allow marine species to thrive. In the hospitality sector, preservation of the ecosystems and their biodiversity start with sensitization campaigns through internal training targeting hotel employees. Sessions on marine life protection are held by Reef Conservation certified trainers. Through information sharing, we expect all our internal stakeholders to understand how biodiversity is essential to the survival and welfare of human populations. Hence the urgency to protect our ecosystems from the adverse effects of climate change effects and human activities.


However, a comprehensive marine conservation strategy must go beyond clean-up campaigns, endemic tree planting, or substitution of chemical cleaning product by natural alternatives. We need to understand the impacts of our activities on the ecosystems and the extent of damage that can be caused. Only then can we come up with an impactful and thorough preservation plan. To achieve this, we need the support of all stakeholders, from the local community to business owners. Nature must remain a top priority on our development agenda.