04 Aug 2021

sustainability Stories #6

I quit eating meat.


6 years ago, after watching Before the flood by Leonardo DiCaprio, I started my journey to a meatless diet. Although I was then an environmental science student, with the clear intention of dedicating my career to fighting for my planet's health, I somehow had disconnected my future job, to my own lifestyle.


So, it all started by cutting down the worst, ecologically speaking – that is, beef. Thankfully, I was not a big fan of pork, then it was lamb (loooved my lamb curry so much, but omg it's a baby!). But could not let go of my KFC until I started working for the livestock industry and was faced with a hardcore animal-cruelty reality.


Today, I am 10 months meat sober and proud of it. Thanks to that change in my diet, I have decreased my carbon footprint by up to 70%! However, coming from a cultural background where meat is pretty much omnipresent, I am, very often, asked why.


Why the choice, but most importantly, why should the lambda person (i.e. me or them) alter their diet, when most do not. I am regularly told that my efforts would not even amount to a drop in the ocean – so why bother?


You see, my answer, will be the typical, cliché one – at an individual level, we all have a share of responsibility towards the Earth because it is our only home. And every single step matters if it contributes to a bigger picture. Be it reducing your meat intake from 5 to 4 meals, taking the public transport one additional time a week, buying 1 jean instead of 2, buying soap bars instead of a shower gel, saying no to a paper straw, buying in bulk, swapping to the menstrual cup, spreading the word, and so on, rest assured that your gesture matters. What we need is to get the ball of environmental awareness rolling and bring about societal and systemic changes!


I still have a lot to do to reach a nature-positive lifestyle and to reduce my environmental footprint and I am not saying that I know how to do it. But I know that you and I owe it to our planet.


Written by:  

Sophie Tripier, Sustainability Officer at Rogers Group.