25 Aug 2021

sustainability Stories #9

SigneNatir is an initiative led by Business Mauritius with the purpose to influence local companies to move away from mere financial reporting to the adoption and disclosure of sustainable practices for long term value creationThe metrics are derived from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and have been adapted to the Mauritian context, providing a benchmark for local sustainability reporting. 


SigneNatir focuses on 5 main pillars 


Energy Transition  Shifting to a low-carbon economy to consolidate resilient development  


Biodiversity –  Protecting our biodiversity and natural heritage through mindful development and adapting to climate change collaboratively 


Vibrant Communities  Making our island safe, pleasant, and valorising cultural and historical heritage for the well-being of communities 


Inclusive Development –  Adopting inclusive development practices 


Circular Economy –  Engaging in sustainable consumption and production, including a local agricultural value chain, through producer/importer and consumer responsibility to valorise and optimize resources and by-products 



SigneNatir is also important to Rogers Sustainability story for another reason – our Group CEO, Philippe Espitalier-Noël, is the current Chairman of the Business Mauritius Sustainability & Inclusive Growth Commision and has overseen the development of the initiative. Rogers Group is proudly one of the first signatory members of the SigneNatir Pact. 


In addition, to stay aligned with Business Mauritius, we have developed our own Sustainability and Inclusiveness Charter based on the 5 pillars of SigneNatirWe value our position as a responsible corporate citizen and aim to positively contribute to the Mauritian society. Our Charter can be found here 


All our business units have reported on the 30 metrics of SigneNatir.