Velogic, founded in 2009, regroups the entirety of Rogers & Co.’s integrated Logistics and Supply Chain services. Headquartered in Mauritius, the company operates 37 offices with a workforce of close to 1,500 full-time employees across different geographies, including France, India, Madagascar, Reunion Island, Kenya and Bangladesh. Velogic also partners with a network of logistics companies worldwide to move cargo to and from any country in the world. 

Performance is expected to improve next year with the regional courier business expected to deliver upsides and better rates for the container handling activity. Freight forwarding and transport in Mauritius should benefit from the implementation of new commercial and operational initiatives. Global growth is likely to have a positive effect on overseas operations but the unpredictability of the Brexit process, faltering local manufacturing and uncertainties over the sugarcane sector could dampen performance in Mauritius. In Kenya, renewed business confidence should have favourable ramifications for the Customs Clearance business, although it is still likely to be challenged if the existing difficulties with the new railway line persist. The sale of the General Sales Agent operation in Mozambique to Rogers Aviation effective from July 2018 will allow to better focus on and expand the core logistics activities in Africa.




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