30 Apr 2020

Velogic on all fronts

The dimensions of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic requires companies to continuously adapt their business operations to mitigate potential impacts.

Classified as an essential services provider during the present circumstances, Velogic is following a holistic approach, which is enabling the group to ensure the best possible commitments towards its customers. As they continue to take what is deemed appropriate measures to protect the safety and health of employees, customers’ and suppliers’ employees; and the wider public, Velogic is maintaining its logistics and supply chain services during this unique situation.

Velogic is retrieving containers from the port to free space for forthcoming vessels’ discharge.


With a reduced vessel call at Port Louis, an efficient container storage strategy is important in balancing resource utilisation at the port. If outbound containers remained piled up in the port terminals, temporary storage space allocation will get problematic. Velogic teams are working together with authorities in ensuring that space is made available to accommodate the arrival of forthcoming ships so that discharge of containers can be carried out in an efficient manner.

Moreover, with its dedicated customs clearance team, Velogic is able to proceed with speedy releases of containers – especially pharmaceutical, sanitary, medical and food products.


Helping to ensure power supply security and continuity


Velogic’s haulage team is ensuring a constant supply of coal to power plants for electricity production.  With people now confined to their homes and resorting to teleworking, the Coronavirus induces another level of energy demand around the world. Velogic is contributing to ensure that our power supply remains constant - with a dedicated team managing the delivery service for the transfer of coal from the port terminal during the present intercrop season.


Ensuring the delivery of petroleum products


Velogic is on the road for the transport of petroleum products to filling stations across the island, including JET A-1 to the airport

From the start of the confinement period, Velogic activated its business continuity plan, with the company’s front-line workers guided by necessary protocols to ensure their health and safety. Though the consumption has decreased as a result of the present lockdown period in Mauritius, the company endeavours to maintain a continuous transport of petroleum products, including aviation fuel, so that all essential services can refuel at convenience.


Providing food delivery

Velogic supports one of the online purchase platforms set up for essential food supply, to the elderly and disabled persons.  At a time when a significant share of the population is self-quarantining to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading, or to avoid contracting it, some segments are also facing several trials. Velogic rallied with one of the online purchase platforms in Mauritius, and is reaching out to the elderly and disabled persons by providing deliveries to door.


Coordination with authorities


Velogic has committed to support the government to overcome the cross-border logistics challenges.

Whether it is for sending emergency medical equipment, supplies or samples to healthcare workers, Velogic supports the Government in its efforts to contain the spread. A special team is also assisting in the coordination and air lifting of critical orders by airfreight.