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Preserving flavourful traditions through the sponsorship of a book documenting Mauritius' Brèdes culinary legacy

07 Nov 2023


A homage to Mauritius' rich culinary heritage, the Blue Penny Museum has just released a book dedicated to Brèdes. Proudly sponsored by the Rogers Foundation, this publication is the result of a collaborative effort between Emmanuel Richon, the esteemed curator of the Blue Penny Museum, and Deepa Bauhadoor, a talented Mauritian artist. 

To raise awareness about local resources and foster collective preservation efforts to enhance self-sufficiency, an exhibition is also currently being held at the museum in Port-Louis. It shall run until January 13th, 2024, enabling everyone to explore our collective culinary history. At the exhibition, savour the knowledge of the nutritional benefits hidden within these hearty leafy greens, while exploring an array of diverse recipes.  

The artistry of Deepa Bauhadoor  

Deepa Bauhadoor's watercolour illustrations offer a feast for the eyes. Her A2 canvases beautifully capture different ‘brèdes’, from the delicate movement of leaves to the detailed root designs, she merges culinary intricacy with visual grace.  

The significance of ‘brèdes’  

In Mauritian cuisine, ‘brèdes’ transcend their role as mere ingredients, inviting us on a journey through our shared gastronomic heritage. With almost 50 varieties, their diverse names and origins bear witness to the island's rich intercultural heritage. They exemplify the amalgamation of traditions and the harmonious coexistence of various communities. From "Brède de Chine" and "Brède chinois" with a Chinese influence, to "Brède malbar" and "Brède mouroung" echoing an Indian connection, and "Brède gandole" tracing its roots to Angola, the diversity in knowledge and shared origins signifies a fundamentally creole essence.

Beyond culinary delights  

This exhibition aims to spotlight more than just the culinary aspect of brèdes. Today, many local Brèdes have gained recognition as nutritional powerhouses, with Moringa representing a burgeoning sector in the field of medicine. This Exhibition is not merely a display, but a compelling call to action.  

Active participation of Rogers Hospitality  

Rogers Hospitality has curated a series of events around the theme of brèdes during a month, to promote our cultural heritage and health awareness.  

  • Heritage Resorts: Guests had the opportunity to enjoy a unique brède dish each day, highlighting the versatility and richness of this ingredient.
  • Le Château de Bel Ombre: On the 24th of October, guests were invited to savour a unique dinner evening where brèdes took centre stage, celebrating its culinary importance.
  • Veranda Resorts Hotels: Throughout October, visitors to Veranda establishments were treated to daily gajacks (appetizers), reflecting the local flavours and traditions.
  • Le Chamarel Restaurant: Special dishes made with 'brèdes' were integrated into the restaurant’s menu. 



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