Energy drives governance

Governance at Rogers

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Rogers comprises 12 directors, of which 4 are executives, 5 are non-executives and 3 are independent, including the Chairman. The Chairman of the Board is elected by his fellow Directors and is responsible for leading the Board.

All directors have access to the Company Secretary and to the Senior Executives to discuss issues or to obtain information on specific areas or items to be considered at Board meetings or any other area they consider appropriate.


Board Committees

The Corporate Governance Committee and the Risk Management and Audit Committee of Rogers oversee the governance, risk and audit issues of Rogers’  four served markets.

  • Corporate Governance Committee



    • Jean Pierre Montocchio (Chairman),
    • Dr Guy Adam,
    • Eric Espitalier-Noël and
    • Philippe Espitalier-Noël

    Delegated authorities:

    Recommends to the Board:

    • Corporate governance provisions to be adopted
    • Executive remuneration and individual directors' remuneration
    • Board and Senior management appointments
    CGC - Terms of Reference

    Risk Management and Audit Committee



    • Vivian Masson (Acting Chairman)
    • Eric Espitalier Noël and
    • Thierry Hugnin

    The Head of Internal Audit and Risk Management is in attendance at all meetings of the RMAC.

    Delegated authorities:

    Assists the Board in its duties relating to risk management, safeguarding of assets, the operation of adequate systems, control processes and the preparation of accurate financial reports and statements in compliance with legal requirements and accounting standards.

    RMAC Charter